Welcome to A.k.A

We make images, nothing else, just images.

If it's design, branding, illustrations, or animated images we have almost 20 years experience in making sure you are noticed and it's what we LOVE doing!

Here's how we go about our work. Firstly we actively listen and react to your exact brief, pull that brief apart and investigate and interrogate every aspect of the commission. We are proud to say we take a unique approach to our work and follow this up with an open minded, highly creative approach. Finally we create exceptional work that delights and intriegues our clients and grabs the attention of our target audience regardless of who they are. Put simply, using a broad array of skills we excell at creating imagery that makes a connection between you and your prospective clients or general public and we excel at making sure you get noticed.

If we can't give our work 110% attention then we just won't take it on. We are only as good as our last job and that's just one of the many reasons why doing great work is so important to us. We are deeply passionate about creating great visuals, it's what we get up for in the mornings and it's why late night deadlines are never a problem to us.

We know that no two clients and briefs are the same and this is why we take a unique approach to each and every project. From our initial assesment we implement our wide range of skills to execute our work which include 3D modelling, animation, bespoke studio photography, photo manipulation, vector art, 3D studio rendering, particle simulations and traditional mediums to ensure our project hits exactly the right spot.


Areas covered

Illustration:   With our world class award winning illustration work we use our nearly 20 years experience in making sure you are noticed by using the widest possible array of skills and techniques in order to create the best possible, highly engaging results.

Animation:   Using both 3D modelled animation, 2D graphic animation and even stop frame animation we make images come to life for interactive media, advertising, visual effects and titling.

Visual identity:   Creating highly effective and communicative visual identities with understanding and perceptiveness that resonate with consumers placing brands ahead of their competition.

Production:   We have a proven track record in coordinating hair, makeup, wardrobe, casting, catering and total organisation of location shoots and visual identities for events.

Packaging: Our packaging designs are highly original and rooted in craftsmanship with an emphasis on connecting with consumers. We create solutions for brands ranging from world leaders in their fields to start ups.

Digital: We are highly experienced in brand cohesion and bringing animation, design and illustration to a variety of platforms including web and interactive design.

3D modelling:   We use a state of the art 3D modelling setup and our 'virtual' still life 3D rendering studio which enables us to achieve incredible results. In addition our expert modelling covers organic, sculptural and technical modelling.

Photography:   Utilising our own fully equipped photographic studio along with our full suite of photo editing hardware which is married with our highly skilled photo retoucher and manipulator.

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