Beauty Styling

Limited edition product packaging

A.k.A were approached by a client in the U.S. to create some packaging artwork in the beauty industry. The project was designed to be linked to some Instagram stars in their industry and a variety of studios and artists from around the world were picked to create their "take" on their subject. Sadly there were non disclosure agreements in place which means we are unable to tell you who the client was but let’s just say, you know their products! Needless to say we had a lot of fun making this image and it was created using a variety of mediums which included some gorgeous pen and ink renderings (shown below), airbrushed elements along with some beautiful 3D modelled elements. We even shot some portrait photographs as placeholders for the "star" in question.

From start to finish the job took just under three days to complete, so we weren’t too short on time for this one. We had a great time making this image!

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