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At A.k.A we love working on diverse projects and this was no exception, it was motion graphics for a ruddy sports supplements company no less! We were tasked with creating a sequence from scratch that showed the company logo kinda unfurling so we set about creating a detailed 3D model of said branding. The brief was for us to eventually have the titles wipe so that they can show their fitness videos afterwards and was designed to be used in a variet of formats.

The sequence consisted of 3D and vector elements. We also finished off with some slight post production tweaks to get the colours-a-poppin!

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For our Smart Proteins motion graphics we started off by creating a 3D model from the 2D designs that were supplied to us. From there we set about texturing and then animating the logo to bring it properly to life. It was then integrated into our motion sequence and around it we built the full animation. From start to finish we were able to create our animation in around one week. We finally did some post production including minor colour corrections before the project was complete. We are really loving these motion sequences!


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