What is branding!?

    Branding, often a misunderstood art form. This neat little vid gives a tidy and concise description of what it’s all about. The only bit it misses out is just how much fun it can be!!

We’re in the top 5% on LinkedIn!! Yay!

    Got this really nice e-mail from the lovely guys at LinkedIn, we are in the top 5% most viewed profiles on the site and that’s no mean feat as they have over 200 MILLION users! Blimey!! We were really pleased with this. We don’t get as much social networking done as we’d like […]

More editorial scribblin

    Been doing some fun pencil renderings to go into one of our editorial pieces. The full artwork should be on our site fairly soon.. Derek, our snail here looks ever so slightly pissed.

A.k.A iPad mini wallpaper

    OK if you’ve just gone and got yourself a spanking new iPad mini as we have here grab our free A.k.A wallpaper on our inPieces site. There’s three of’em and they look pretty darn nice. All three are a free download. We hope you like them! 🙂

More on our cover work..

    More details on this particular piece and BOY is there a lot of detail! We also did a full 3D model of Big Ben for our cover artwork. The artwork will be on the site soon, promise!

All in the detail

    OK been working on some artwork for a UK publisher. Our dedication is such that we have created a full blown St Pauls cathedral dome (with ALL the details) just so we can put it into our artwork in a small area. We love this work sooo much! Artwork coming to the site […]


    We were thinking of doing a postcard of stretchy spinny Melvin (featured gorilla) but don’t know really, weell, seemed like a good idea at the time, not sa sure now, probably won’t actually. Anyway this was it, kinda liked the symmetry.