modelling/rendering and compositing

modelling/rendering and compositing Have been having a bit of fun with our 3D model, created this for an editorial piece using mainly 3D modelling, some gorgeous rendering using our “virtual” photography studio and some compositing. All in all, another fun project with a pretty fast turn around time.

Handy work

Handy work Been playing around with some symmetrical stuff and been getting some fun results. Here’s a fragment from our muckings’ about. Is that a term? Anyway… back to the proper stuff..

3D bling

3D bling OK this is a little section from an illustration piece we have been working on. You just can’t beat a bit of bling and this piece is diamond encrusted with pearls and lots and lots of polygons!! We’ve also got a little close up shot of all those lovely diamonds, each one hand […]

More coming soon text

More coming soon text Well we did this, er, just in case there’s an occasion where we need a more coming soon sign. So far, we’re all clear but should we ever need a sign saying “more coming soon” then we’re very well catered for! Anyway we had a bit of vector fun creating this […]

Foodie fun

Foodie fun Here’s a little sneaky peek at a really fun isometric piece we are working on. We have been creating some absolutely yummy artwork which will hopefully be a feast for your eyes! These little guys will be featuring in the main artwork so look out for them. We thought it might be good […]

New scribbles for…

New scribbles for… Well, we’ve really just done this one for fun. Nice bit of pen and ink sketching, much fun! Here it is in it’s unfinished state… and this was how it looked a couple of days later..

Old Skool AkA

Old Skool AkA We were messing around with some old skool A.k.A stylie stuff here in the studio and came up with this, we aren’t sure whether to use it tho… maybe not. Bit of a Jackdaw on this one, we got stuff from our pencil drawings, 3D modelled elements, vector and photochopped it. Quite […]

Heineken design work

Heineken design work Working on this little beaut a wee while ago. This was some of our design work for the Heineken stuff. It has some very intricate detailing and texture in it when printed or zoomed. Just a little old screen grab here but hope it gives an idea