A.k.A iPad mini wallpaper

    OK if you’ve just gone and got yourself a spanking new iPad mini as we have here grab our free A.k.A wallpaper on our inPieces site. There’s three of’em and they look pretty darn nice. All three are a free download. We hope you like them! 🙂

More on our cover work..

    More details on this particular piece and BOY is there a lot of detail! We also did a full 3D model of Big Ben for our cover artwork. The artwork will be on the site soon, promise!

All in the detail

    OK been working on some artwork for a UK publisher. Our dedication is such that we have created a full blown St Pauls cathedral dome (with ALL the details) just so we can put it into our artwork in a small area. We love this work sooo much! Artwork coming to the site […]


    We were thinking of doing a postcard of stretchy spinny Melvin (featured gorilla) but don’t know really, weell, seemed like a good idea at the time, not sa sure now, probably won’t actually. Anyway this was it, kinda liked the symmetry.