A bird in the hand collage

    Hello folkies. We just thought we’d share a small detail from a series of MASSIVE collages that we have made for our client using our pencil, pen  ink drawings, 3D models, photographs and various other mucking’s about. The over all shape makes a bird and there are some really nice details in there. […]

A little fun with soul, er, sole.

    Little piece of experimentation, playing with 3D models to emulate trainer soles in an abstract style. We thought it would be quite fun to show the flexing. All achieved using our 3D systems and amazing renderer. Interesting result, maybe we need just a little more experimentation.. Always looking for interesting imagery.. 🙂  

Swirly Brit Artwork preview

    We did this piece for a U.S. client as one of a series of options for them. It’s quite a wide canvas with loads of flowing details on it including the Giant’s Causeway, Millennium Stadium, Angel of the North, Tower Bridge and loads of other British orientated objects all wrapped together in a flowing landscape […]

modelling/rendering and compositing

    Have been having a bit of fun with our 3D model, created this for an editorial piece using mainly 3D modelling, some gorgeous rendering using our “virtual” photography studio and some compositing. All in all, another fun project with a pretty fast turn around time.

Handy work

    Been playing around with some symmetrical stuff and been getting some fun results. Here’s a fragment from our muckings’ about. Is that a term? Anyway… back to the proper stuff..

3D bling

    OK this is a little section from an illustration piece we have been working on. You just can’t beat a bit of bling and this piece is diamond encrusted with pearls and lots and lots of polygons!! We’ve also got a little close up shot of all those lovely diamonds, each one hand […]

More coming soon text

    Well we did this, er, just in case there’s an occasion where we need a more coming soon sign. So far, we’re all clear but should we ever need a sign saying “more coming soon” then we’re very well catered for! Anyway we had a bit of vector fun creating this one.

Foodie fun

    Here’s a little sneaky peek at a really fun isometric piece we are working on. We have been creating some absolutely yummy artwork which will hopefully be a feast for your eyes! These little guys will be featuring in the main artwork so look out for them. We thought it might be good […]